New-Zealand-Regions-MapNew Zealand’s educational institutions are well regarded throughout the world.New Zealand has several types of post-secondary educational institutions: universities, colleges, private institutions and polytechnics. There are 8 universities in New Zealand, which all offer high quality education. It’s also important to note that all universities have their own international students sections dedicated to foreigners who wish to study in New Zealand.Programmes and courses offered in New Zealand tend to be are highly ranked on international level. .

A welcoming Nation

New Zealand people are of welcoming nature. New Zealand society welcomed international students , both for the cultural diversity they bring and their contribution to the economy.International students are happily received into New Zealand homes and student social networks. New Zealanders are well travelled, with a great interest in people from other cultures, so visitors and international students soon feel more than welcome.Campuses are highly international, with students from all corners of the world studying  together. New Zealand also has a well-developed system of pastoral care for international students, backed by a government-monitored Code of Practice. This means you will be well looked after during your time studying there.

A high quality learning experience

New Zealand Education system is historically based on the British higher education model and the university system is research-base.All academic staff are expected to be active researchers as well as teachers. This insistence on research-informed teaching ensures a high quality learning experience.

Competitive Costs

New Zealand offers very affordable tuition fee compared with many other countries around the world. Competitive tuition fees coupled with a low cost of living represents a good value for your money.

Broad range of study and research opportunities

The eight  New Zealand universities are located in cities across the country’s two main islands, the North and the South.This distribution gives students the chance to choose a wide range of opportunities in study, work, recreation and culture.The proximity of all eight universities to New Zealand’s diverse natural environment offers students the chance to research anything from endangered marine mammals to earthquake engineering.

Beautiful location

The reason that many people enjoy going to New Zealand is because of its biodiversity. New Zealand has a varied topography. From the high mountains and volcanoes, to the beaches and forests, these islands offer a number of amazing and beautiful views that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. There are areas of fertile farmland in the northern areas of the country, and some of the southern areas even have glaciers. On the south island alone, you will find that there are beautiful beaches on the south side, but as you move further north the beaches become more rocky and jagged.

New Zealand is renowned for its natural beauty and its adventure activities, and all this is readily accessible from all eight universities in the country.