New Zealand is not only one of the most popular tourist destination across the world but is also one of the best study destination in the world. Every year thousands of international students get enrolled in various educational institutes in New Zealand.r. While searching and applying to universities in New Zealand, it is important that you know about the environment in and around the campus you will be living in. Apart from quality institutes, New Zealand cities  attract a number of international students due to affordable living cost and quality education.Some of popular student cities in New Zealand are Auckland,Wellington,Christchurch, and Hamilton.


Auckland is ranked 18 in the top student city in world.In recent years Auckland has established itself as a major study destination. It is home to University of Auckland and AUT(Auckland University of Technology).One of the interesting aspects of Auckland is that it is small in size and thanks to a fast growing transport network; most of the attractions can be explored within half an hour of the city centre.Being one of the populated and prosperous areas of New Zealand, the cost of living in Auckland for international students is among the highest in the country. As in most cities, it is accommodation that burns the most weight out of your pockets.


Wellington is the centre of  economic and social activities. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and offers the best of the political and as well as entertainment landscape in New Zealand. Wellington is also the first place in New Zealand where English settlers had arrived; hence the city is a delight for explorers who enjoy historic streets and buildings. Besides claiming the Victoria University of Wellington, the capital is also home to branches of many universities like Massey, University of Otago among others making it one of the top student cities in New Zealand.


Christchurch is known as garden city.Christchurch is  among the top 50 student cities in the world as per QS, making it the second Kiwi city to be listed in the QS student city ranking apart from Auckland. One of the largest cities in the South Island of New Zealand, Christchurch has a strong population of 400,000. The city is also home to famous universities like the University of Canterbury and the Lincoln University.Although relatively cheaper than Auckland, Christchurch, being among the top student cities in New Zealand, still falls among the costliest cities of New Zealand, especially, in terms of living. However, international students wishing to cut costs can opt to leave outside the campus and even take up work during their studies in New Zealand.


Hamilton is another one of the top student cities in New Zealand located in the Wakaito region of the country. Interestingly, Hamilton is not only a major tourist destination in the South Pacific it is also study destination for over 40,000 students. One of the reasons behind its popularity among students is that it offers all the elements that students require- Cafes, libraries, shops and is comparatively cheaper to most student cities in New Zealand.


Best Student Cities in New Zealand