Australia has some of the best cities in the world for education and living. Australian cities offer combination of high standards of higher education and world class living conditions for students. More than 300,000 international students enters Australia to study in various Australian cities. One in three university students is from abroad studying in Australian Universities mainly from China, Korea, India and Malaysia. These mix of international students bring  global flavor to university life in Australia.
There are many similarities,in Australian cities.Each city has something unique qualities. Knowledge about different cities can be useful for international students.
Australia’s best cities to study and live in are ranked based on three things.
Melbourne, BRISBANE, Adelaide and Wollongong are most livable cities for international students in Australia. Livability depends on various factors such as living costs, climate, culture, transport and layout
2.Cost of living
The cost of living is an important part of livability. Differences in living costs between cities are mainly due to variations in housing prices.
3. University choice
The best university cities have quality universities and give students choices about institutions and courses. They also tend to attract international students. Melbourne and Perth are top Australian cities for course choices and drawing students from abroad.

Large student cities in Australia

Melbourne is rated as the best city for students in Australia.
Melbourne has the maximum number of international students.There are almost 91000 international students  which is one third of total student population in Melbourne. Its is home of 8 Australian Universities. Melbourne is also Australia’s most livable city because of the cultural entertainment on offer plus good public transport.
Adelaide  is another famous city for students to live in. Adelaide has solid numbers of international students, with 27 per cent of students from abroad.Adelaide has 4 universities. University quality in Adelaide is the highest nationally, although not by much. We found that all major cities have both high and low ranking universities. In terms of living Adelaide is an affordable place to live because to low accommodation cost.
Perth is located in west coast of Australia and the largest city in Western Australia. It is a fantastic study destination. Perth’s student numbers are similar to Melbourne but on a smaller scale. International students also represent a third of all university students. Perth has 4 Universities. Living costs in Perth are relatively high. It is the second most expensive city after Sydney. The high living costs do, however, reflect a strong local economy and job market.
Brisbane is Australia’s New World City. Brisbane is situated on the east coast of Australia and capital city of Queensland.Brisbane boasts over 75,000 international student enrollments. With a low cost of living and 283 days of sunshine, Brisbane is the perfect place to call home while you study in Australia. The proportion of study abroad students in Brisbane is 22 per cent, about 6 points below the national average. The city offers students reasonable choice. Although only 3 universities are based in Brisbane, several others have teaching facilities in the city. University quality in Brisbane is slightly above average. Brisbane is the second cheapest city to live in after Adelaide.
Sydney is home to almost 230,000 university students, of which just under 50,000 (22%) are from overseas. Around 5% of all residents are university students (compared to 6% or more in the other major cities). Five universities are based in the city, with an average quality similar to other major cities. A drawback to Sydney is the high cost of renting. It is the most expensive major city in Australia.
Gold Coast
The Gold Coast is a dream city for university study if you can find a good course for you. The city is Australia’s most popular tourist destination and an increasingly popular study destination. It has great weather and beaches, and plenty of entertainment.The Gold Coast has the largest campus of Griffith University and is home to Bond University. It also has campuses of two of Australia’s cheapest universities for international students – CQU university and Southern Cross University.
Wollongong is Australia’s top small city for students.Wollongong is tough to beat. The city of less than 300,000 people is home to a reasonably large university that is one of Australia’s best. The University of Wollongong has 27,000 students, with more than 10,000 from abroad. The university is ranked 2nd by University Reviews Australia – based on university reputation, course ratings and graduate salaries.Wollongong is 80 km south of Sydney and its housing prices are about average for Australian cities.
Canberra is Australia’s capital and another quality small-city for student living.Canberra has 2 universities, including the top-ranked Australian National University. The city has 35,000 students, 9,000 of whom are international students. While Canberra provides a great environment for university study, it can also be an expensive place to live.
Hobart could be a good choice for students looking for a cheaper city. It comfortably has the lowest accommodation costs of the university cities.Hobart is home to a single university, the University of Tasmania (UTAS). UTAS caters to all of Tasmania’s on-campus university students and is a fairly typical Australian university. It has 20,000 students with just over a quarter from overseas.
Best Cities for Students in Australia