America’s greatest land border is shared by Canada Along with exhilarating tourism; you will get much diversity and natural beauty. You must visit the CN tower from where you can get a glance of Toronto by standing on the corner of the tower with a strap.


It is one of the most astonishing wonders of the world; it is almost two hours from Toronto. It is divided into two sets of falls Horseshoe Falls and The American Falls. An amazing way to see Horseshoe Fall is by Maid of the Mist boat that takes you right up to the falls via stormy American Falls. Another method would be going behind the fall, walking along the tunnels, for getting a close sight of Horseshoe Falls. Niagara Falls can be viewed from Skyline tower also.

Do sight seeing at Clifton Hill as it is great entertainment way, Bird Kingdom, marine land and Whirlpool Aero car.


Niagara can be reached from Toronto b bus, train or car. Do explore the budding wine area outside Niagara


It is Canada’s capital and the biggest province, Quebec City is situated on the eastern coast. It is a very romantic city having a number of attractions and a variety of fashionable boutiques. When seen from the aspect of art, music, and food, this region of Canada is especially French Canadian. For getting familiar with the historic Colonial France Quebec City must be visited, as it is the only city in North America that is stone walled.


Toronto is the best Canadian Attractions and is one of the international cities of the world. You can understand the unbelievable assorted culture in the city from art, food, style and entertainment. It is the biggest city in Canada possessing superstructures, fashionable shopping Yorkville and Bohemian districts Queen Street. It has one of the world’s tallest towers CN tower, 1815 feet tall. The tower gives a charming view great lake that surrounds Toronto. Canadian re carnation of Times Square that is minor in range and capacity.

You can also visit some renowned festivals which include Caribana which is the third biggest festival of the world; it is the best things to do in Canada.

When to visit: summers are too hot and spring is a bit warm, therefore autumn is pleasing , cool evenings and bright colored flowers and winters are extremely cold.


Nova Scotia is known for its seafood, innate heritage and balanced climate. Halifax is its capital best viewed on foot. Therefore park your vehicle and walk. Ensure that you jumping Halifax’s rich history at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Halifax’s bars and restaurants have awesome live music. There are a number of activities according to tourist’s interest. Some activities are: bike ride along some of the admirable trails, guided nature and history tour of Mc Nab’s island, wagon ride in rural Hatfield Farm, drive to breathtaking Peggy’s cove and seeing the amazing Nova Scotia Art Gallery in Halifax for local and international art.


  1. Try white water rafting in the Shubenacadie River, which is the longest river of Nova Scotia.
  2. Roam in Mac Cormack’s Beach and explore Fisherman’s Cove
  3. Take on rent a sea kayak and paddle around 100 desert islands, Tangier

Best things to do and see in Canada