1. IELST Test is the most Difficult English Language Test

IELTS test is not difficult for those who know basic English. You knowledge of General English should be fine before you think of going for IELTS test. Once you are familiar with the Basic grammar rules and are able to put them in use appropriately, All you need is to give sufficient time for Practice of all four modules.

2. There is a fixed syllabus to learn in IELTS

IELTS test had no fixed Syllabus. There no one correct answers to questions in Speaking and Writing . Your Opinion on a topic may vary from the examiner , still you can score good bands depending on the way you present your views before the examiner. You don’t need to Cram answers to the question in speaking, but you should practice speaking with your friends and with those who speak good english. You should also record your answers to check your pronunciation of the  words.

3. Marking standards are different at different Places

IELTS test is conducted worldwide. Its a standardized test.  They have fixed and reliable standards. They mark the tests following the same Criteria which is why IELTS is accepted by the world’s top universities.
The examiners go through a lot of training and are monitored by senior examiners when they give the scores.

4. IELTS is about checking Knowledge

IELTS is not at all about you General Knowledge. Its an English Language Test. You need to be able to Speak , Read, Write and Understand English well. Its always beneficial to put in some good examples to express your views in writing but at the same time your Essay should not be overloaded with Information. Its good to add good vocabulary , but extra heavy words should be avoided or used only where required.

5. Examiner has to be satisfied with the answers

Examiner’s approval is not at all  necessary for getting you Good Score. Examiners may disagree to every opinion of your and still mark you with good bands. Since the score is calculated according to the standard of your english and not your thoughts.
You are free to give your own opinion without be concerned about the feeling and approval of examiner.

6. Increasing the word limit can fetch you more marks in Writing

Increasing the word limit and ignoring the Test instructions can by no means help you get more marks. Instead of filling sheets and wasting time you should concentrate on presenting good ideas through logical examples , good vocabulary and correct grammar.

7. IELTS test does negative marking on writing wrong answers in listening and Reading

IELTS test never does a negative marking for wrong answers . You must never leave answers blank in your Listening and Reading Modules. You must attempt all 40 answers. Even if you are not sure that your answers is correct or not. Leaving an answers blank is not going to help anyway. But You can better guess an answer, May be it comes out to be correct. So , nothing to loose.

8. IELTS Test can only be taken once in a life time

That is not True. You can appear for IELTS test as many times you want. But every time you appear you need to pay the registration Fee. There is limit to appear for IELTS test.

9. It easy to cheat in IELTS

IELTS test is conducted under strict supervision of examiners and those appointed for the same. Thus Zero chances of Cheating during the exam. Any such unethical attempt would strictly lead to disqualification of Test.

10. Having a British or American Accent is necessary to get good Bands

IELTS test is about English Language proficiency is all four sections which is Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Its not at all about the styles and Accents. Your correct pronunciation, clear and audible voice and how confidently you give your opinion is required in speaking but having an accent is not at all a necessity.

10 Myths About IELTS